YouTube “Dark-Mode” feature arrived

Nowadays, we are seeing every other app is giving its major update in 2-3 days time period. What this suggests, that they are still testing their apps on our smartphones or tablets. Recently one of the major updates has arrived for iPhone users, but that is not from the side of Apple, it is from the side of YouTube.

The Company has rolled out its update recently and it is offering the highly requested feature from the users who are “late night YouTuber’s”.That sounds crazy like YouTube music, but its true. This new update provides a “Dark-Mode” feature which will automatically convert the YouTube theme from light to dark thus giving relaxation to your eyes.

Thank’s Google!

youtube mobile
 YouTube on iOS

If you are regularly spending a lot of time on YouTube, then you have surely noticed that this (dark mode) feature has arrived in the desktop version of YouTube in May 2017.

In detail, when you all will activate the dark mode in app’s settings then, the app’s normal white color scheme will be flipped to various shades of black and gray. According to Google, a dark-mode feature was listed to be the most required feature for their mobile apps. There are the various advantages for the dark-mode feature, as it will reduce the strain on eyes in low-light condition, will help us to focus on the content easily and can help to save the “battery life” too.

Now, Happy or not!!!

With this update, YouTube has joined the list of emerging apps having the feature of dark-mode in them. This list includes Twitter, third-party Twitter clients, Reddit, third-party Reddit clients, Feedly, Pocket Casts, and more.

Who will get this YouTube Dark Mode update?

This feature is currently been rolling out for iOS users, but for the case of Android, the company has only two words”Coming Soon”.

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