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google assistant in android

Google Assistant can now talk in Hindi

Have you ever imagined that how Google Assistant will speak in Hindi, or how it will sing a song in Hindi? Don’t worry, now it can be possible as Google has rolled out the Hindi support for its Assistant officially. At present, this update is been rolling out for devices with Android 6.0 and above and will soon be also available for Android 5.0, for iOS 9.1 and above and also for Android GO devices. Read more…

YouTube “Dark-Mode” feature arrived

Nowadays, we are seeing every other app is giving its major update in 2-3 days time period. What this suggests, that they are still testing their apps on our smartphones or tablets. Recently one of the major updates has arrived for iPhone users, but that is not from the side of Apple, it is from the side of YouTube. The Company has rolled out its update recently and it is offering the highly requested feature Read more…

Google AI

Google AI-Now anyone can learn it for free

Google recently popularized “Learn with Google AI” for people to learn about perception, develop skills and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to real-world problems. What is Google AI? “Learn with Google AI” is a set of educational assets developed by Machine Learning (ML) experts at Google.”Learn with Google AI” comes with actual content as well as the new Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC). The course provides exercises, interactive decisions, and instructional videos that anyone can use Read more…

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