Instagram Lite on Google Play for Android:Size|features|how to download free

Hello Hitech’ian, welcome to my another fresh post. Today I will tell you about Instagram Lite app
which is been confirmed by the company recently. So, without wasting any time, let’s head over
it. Recently, Instagram at an event had confirmed that the company is testing a new app called
Instagram Lite. The officials of the company said that they are trying to launch the new version of
Instagram for Android that takes less space and starts faster, consuming fewer data.

Instagram Lite size:

The file size of Instagram Lite app is only 573KB and it requires Android 5.0 or above to run.

Instagram Lite in India? :

This app is currently under test in Mexico and other countries are also in radar for the test,
later this year. Currently, this test app is unavailable for download in India due to a region-
lock. But the official rollout will be soon by the company for India and other countries too
.The user of the countries where this test app is available for download claimed to save storage
space and also claimed that app downloads instantly.

Instagram Lite features:

As compared to the original version of the Instagram this Lite app is extremely small in size.
There are some of the features that will be usable in the app, which, include the capability to post
single and multiple photos with filters, watch stories, post stories and discover the content
on the Explore tab. But IGTV, the company’s new long-form video tab, possibly will not be
a part of Instagram Lite.


instagram lite
                                                          In-app view of Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite App motive:

To launch Instagram in the Lite version appears to be an attempt by the company to expand this
platform (1) Into Developing countries that have a considerable population with limited access
to smartphones with large storage space (2) And in areas with fast Internet speeds.

Other “Lite” weight apps in the market:

Uber, LinkedIn, Ola, and Shazam are already out with the Lite variants of their apps, some in select
markets. Facebook also is on the front foot when it comes to rolling out lightweight versions
of its apps such as Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite out in the open.

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A Surprise! for you all:

I am pretty sure that you are thinking how to download Instagram Lite app in India for
Android.Even though the company has not rolled out this app officially for the Indian market. But you
can download this app from here for free. So enjoy!!! Instagram users

Do you like this Lite version of Instagram? Is it better than the original Instagram app? Kindly share your comments in the comment section given below and please do not forget to subscribe to
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