Image Stabilization and its types

Sometimes, while clicking the photographs or while recording any video you might have noticed that the video or image that you have captured seems to be blurry(in case of photograph) or shaky(in case of video). Therefore in order to reduce this blurry or shaky effect, Image Stabilization proves to be a right technology. An Image Stabilized camera is useful when taking photographs or making videos while moving. But this technology in digital cameras with image stabilization come wrapped under the unique name provided by their manufacturers such as Sony calls it Steady Shot in the Sony cameras with image stabilization while Panasonic calls it Mega O.I.S and Pentax Shake Reduction in their cameras. But do not go by their names, they all perform the same function. So today I will tell you the type of I.S technologies.

Image Stabilization
A reference image to show the effect of Image Stabilization when on or off

Optical Image Stabilization:

The Optical image stabilization (OIS) is the most efficient form of image stabilization. The optical stabilization camera with O.I.S consists of microscopic gyro-sensors inside the lens which rapidly move pieces of the lens glass to the off-set motion before the image is transformed to a digital form. Image stabilization technology is said to be optical if it consists of a moving element inside the lens. Some camera manufacturers give you an option to turn O.I.S on or off and includes various modes to compensate for various kinds of camera movement i.e either vertical or horizontal.

Digital (or Electronic) Image Stabilization:

In contrast to O.I.S, Digital Image Stabilization uses the software technology to decrease the effect of shaky hands on the picture or video. This can be accomplished in various ways, depending on the camera model. Some cameras will calculate the effect of your body movement and use that data to adapt which pixels on the camera’s image sensor are being used. It uses pixels apart from the visible frame as motion buffer to smooth over the conversion frame by frame. Some software programs are also there that can administer a stabilization filter to the video even after it is been taken, simply by tracking the pixel movements and compensating the frame. This gives either a lesser cropped image due to a decreased frame or estimation to fill in the lost edges.

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Other Image Stabilization Technologies:

There are other Image Stabilization technologies apart from digital and optical I.S.There are external systems which stabilize the entire camera body rather taking place inside the camera lens. Generally, these systems work by attaching the gyroscope to the body of the camera for stabilization. These systems are often used when photographing from the moving vehicle. Another I.S technology is Orthogonal Transfer CCD(OTCCD), which is used in astronomy to stabilize the pictures taken by the camera.

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