PayPal and Google makes the payment easier

The two experts in their respective fields have collaborated now. Without much more suspense I am heading towards the main subject. Google and PayPal have collaborated for the best feature that you all must get while making payment. Google is allowing the deep integration of PayPal into its Google pay service. This will enable you to make the transactions on the spot using PayPal without leaving Google Pay service. This is not the first time they have partnered. In the past also PayPal has made the partnership with Google but earlier that was not enabled for all the Google services. Now this partnership has been extended to cover the entire Google ecosystem.



Download PayPal mobile app:

PayPal mobile app:

Link PayPal to PayPal credit:

Link PayPal to PayPal credit:

How Paypal and Google both will work to make payment?

When you will integrate the PayPal to any one of the Google services through your account, then it will be available as a payment method across all the Google services you access. Suppose you add PayPal in Google pay, then it will be available on YouTube, Google Store, Gmail and anywhere else Google has a presence. Extra login will not be required, as that step has been removed (as soon as you link the two accounts). This partnership is beneficial for both the companies as PayPal hopes there will be an increase in both payments made each day and the revenue it earns, every time when the payment is made. Google also want that none of you should leave one of its sites, as the payment can be made with just a click of a button on the same page.

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The exact date for the roll-out of this feature is not known yet but in the upcoming few weeks, you can see this integration. What do you think about this new integration? Do you think it will change the method of payment? Express your thoughts in the comments section given below and do not forget to subscribe to this website in order to get the latest technology posts right in your inbox.

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