Google Lens can give your smartphone camera an intelligence

Nowadays every next phone whether it is a smartphone or a feature phone is receiving the camera upgrade. Sometimes this upgrade is done by hardware enhancement or sometimes by software enhancement. But we want our phone’s camera to be better, no matter how it is done. Recently, I heard the news that Google Lens is coming to all the non-pixel smartphones. Sounds nice or not? Both Android and iOS devices will get the Google Lens as a unique feature. But there must be a floating question in your mind that “What is Google Lens and what does it do?” .Don’t Worry, I will tell you what actually it is?

How to use Google Lens?

Google Lens is an amazing technology made by Google which gives the information about your surrounding objects when you point your smartphone’s camera on it. By using your phone’s camera, Google Lens can examine an animal, product, text or something else in your environment and gives a relevant information about that subject. Apart from being a single Google Lens app, it can also be used from Google photos and Google assistant.

What can you do with Google Lens?

1. Can collect contact info: Point your phone’s camera having Google Lens at a business card and it will capture both phone number and address and will add that information to a contact inside your phone.
2. Can look up books, music, movies and more: When you will scan a book cover then the Google Lens will identify the book title and will give you the reviews from the web. Similarly, you can also fetch the information about music albums, movies, and video-games by pointing the camera on their covers.
3. Can give the information about your points of interest: When you travel to the museum or to any landmark(building), just point your phone’s camera towards them and you will get the
relevant information about the monuments and the museum.

How to know whether my device is having Google Lens or not?

Open Google photos app and in it open any photo. If you have got the latest update then you will
see the Lens icon at the bottom of the image. Just use it and enjoy.

Which phones will get Google Lens and when?

Earlier, Lens was made available for only pixel devices, when it was launched in 2017.At
that time, Google said that this feature will come to other android bases devices soon.In
February 2018, the company announced that the Google Lens will be coming to Android flagships via Google photos but this month Google has confirmed that the Lens will be available for all android phones. Past week, Lens is also made available for iOS users which can be used by the iOS version of Google photos.

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Note: Google is rolling out this feature in stages and there may be a chance that you might not
have got this feature till yet but there is no matter of worry as it will be arrived soon in later

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