Google Earth Measure Tool measures Distance and Area, comes to Chrome and Android

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Google Earth Measure Tool:

For the users who want easy navigation throughout the world, Google is making it easier to measure area and distance between any two places on the earth. Now, Google has introduced a new Google Earth Measure tool for Google earth which will enable the users to measure the distance between any two points on earth. This new feature can also let the users measure areas, such as park near your house. Google also claims that this new feature called the “Google Earth Measure Tool” is one of the most requested features among users. Currently, this feature is available on Google Chrome and Android OS but for the iOS “coming soon”.


Google earth measure tool
                                        Screenshot of Measure tool of Google Earth


google earth measure tool
                                                      Screenshot of measure of an area on Google Earth


Google Earth was once the only practical solution to see all the Google’s satellite and all 3D imagery. However, Google Maps soon took over it, as Google Maps offers almost all of the mapping features that occasional users need, but Google still appears attentive in the development of Google Earth. Recently, Google unveiled its “Measure” App for ARCore-enabled smartphones. Unlike the Measure app, which is created to let the user, use the benefit of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to measure objects in the real world, Google Earth also now
offer Measure Tool to let you measure the distance and area of everything on the map.

“Measure in Google Maps” v/s “Measure in Google Earth” :

Distance measurement is not an entirely new feature. In Google Maps there comes a virtual ruler by the use of which you can measure the distance between the two points. The difference between the two is the ability to measure the length, area and width of anything you choose. The measure tool in the Google Earth allows the user to select the borders of the area they want to look at. So now, you all can learn the measurements of unevenly shaped buildings, parks, states and even countries. The inclusion of this new feature for measuring the area appears to be helpful for scientists, travelers, students and educators.

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What Google official say about this? :

“If you’re a teacher, use the map to create math problems – and challenge your students to find out which is bigger – Colorado or Utah? (without Googling it!)”, Gopal Shah, Product Manager, Google Earth, says in a blog post.

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