Gmail in a new look is outstanding

Finally, Google has launched the redesigned Gmail on the web. Google has officially announced the changes which I have seen leaked earlier this month such as email snoozing, confidential mode and
nudging. The new confidential mode creates a strong safety pillar. This mode allows the sender of the email to set expiration for the delicate email which will prevent the recipient from forwarding or copying it. Business-centric feature such as Integrated rights management will allow you to block the copying, forwarding, printing or downloading of particular messages. According to Google, sharing of secret information (accidentally or unwittingly) with the wrong person can be prevented by this feature and will help to secure your Gmail account.2FA(Two-factor authentication) is also being added in confidential mode. Before the recipient can open the confidential email, you can request them to authenticate with a passcode received via text message.

google gmail
                                                                           Image: Gmail inbox

In the new Gmail inbox, Google’s machine learning algorithms will perform the strong safety checks on every newly received message and will display the large color-coded alert box with the call to action for the user if Gmail detects any malicious or fraud emails. Google has introduced the new hover menu which displays the most common interaction you want with an email such as archive, mark as read, delete or snooze for later. These all options are displayed when you place your cursor above any message in the inbox. This action has made Gmail on the web look more like an app and I cannot guess whether these changes will come in the Gmail mobile app too or not?

Nudging of emails is also one of the interesting feature introduced by Google, where all the emails which require the time-sensitive action or response will be resurfaced above. Talking about the visual updates in the Google mail, the main UI change will be the addition of the brand-new collapsible right-hand side panel. It will aim better to integrate Google G suite’s apps like Google keep, Google calendar and new Google tasks in the new side panel. For better performance, Google tasks mobile app has also been launched for both iOS and Android. There will also be a collapsible left-hand side panel too.

The next brand-new feature is the introduction of high-priority notifications, which will
display only the most important email notification and this will be done by Google AI systems. The addition of one-tap unsubscribe prompt will be useful if you want to get rid of unwanted newsletters at once.

How to enable the new Gmail?

You can enable the new Gmail right now. Head over to your Gmail account and select the gear icon in the top right corner. If you have received the update then you can select “Try the new Gmail” option.

Wrapping up, these all changes in the Gmail are one of the biggest changes made by Google in one take and I think this will make a promising change in future.

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