Amazon robot is coming

Today is the era of automation and everybody wants his/her work to be get done by itself. By keeping this thought in mind Amazon is currently working on its first robot for home and the internal codename of the project has been given as “Vesta”.This robot is being developed by Lab126, which is the Amazon hardware R&D center who previously built the Amazon Kindle, Fire Phone, and Amazon Echo.

amazon robot illustration
  A robot displaying panel

As till now, there are no firm details that how the robot will look like and for what purpose it will be used but Bloomberg suggests that it can be a “mobile Alexa” which will follow you(user) around your house to that places where the user can’t speak directly to an echo speaker. The prototype robots built by Amazon are assumed to have computer vision software and cameras for navigation. The company is also planning to bring these devices in the employees’ home by the end of this year. It is being assumed that general public might test such robot prototypes by 2019.

Amazon Robot functionalities:-

It is being said that a mobile Alexa can be useful for Amazon and for the users. The amazon’s virtual assistant will take a more personal role and will function better by the information collected by it. Experts say that mobile home robots will be of high importance in future as the data they will collect will be used to make the smart home more perceptive. The commands like” turn off the lights” will make more sense, if the robots map and understand your home.

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As this project is currently under research and development, it’s too early to guess what the final product would look like. But, if it comes then surely it will make the smart home smarter!

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