5G – A blazing network not so far

What is a 5G network?

The next generation of the internet is the 5G network. It will offer faster speeds and more efficient
connections on the mobiles and other devices than ever before. It will offer 1GBps of average download speeds. This next generation of the Internet will prove to be a boon for the Internet of things technology, allowing them to carry huge amounts of data and thus creating a smarter and more connected world. With the development well underway, this network is expected to launch worldwide by the year 2020.

How fast 5G network is?

It will offer the minimum downloading speeds of around 1GBps, according to GSMA. It is been expected that the average downloading speed of 5G will reach 10GBps and even to extreme 800GBps. By this much of downloading speed user could able to download full-HD films in a second. The latest software upgrades will be downloaded and installed at a much faster speed than today.

When will 5G network be available?

It is expected that this network will first be commercially available in 2020 but nowadays it is been seen that many network operators are trying to launch this network as soon as possible in 2019. As a result, Korea telecom is planning to launch a commercial 5G service in South Korea in March 2019. Recently, in the 2018 winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, with the help of Intel, the company built a live 5G network having 22 links at 10 sites delivering 3,800TB of network capacity, energizing the applications such as Virtual Reality broadcasting. The day is not so far when we will be accessing the internet on this high-speed network and will be getting addicted to the speed in GBps.

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